Student Registration      Adult Registration

About membership here at the Rose Petroff Foundation site.

Membership is free.  There is almost nothing on this site that is “secret”, but we have a separate membership level for school-age students to prevent accidently trying to make a donation which includes a credit/debit card transaction.   One reason for school-age students to register and login from time-to-time is that we will make a growing number of classical piano pieces available that can be downloaded and printed.    And there may be postings by Dr. Petroff that students may comment on, ask questions or offer their opinions.    We have archived all prior membership information.  If you were registered before, please do so again so we can start “fresh”.

The registration process:
1.  Click on the link that is appropriate (school-age student or adult).  The system will ask for your first and last name and an email address.
2.  You will receive an email with a “link” to click which will bring you back to the system here and ask for a little more information about you.   You’ll notice that you will NOT be able to change your NAME or EMAIL address.
3.  Everything except setting a LOGIN USERNAME and a PHONE number is OPTIONAL.    However, other people won’t be able to see anything about you, so your information is protected and never shared.
4.  For adults:  We hope you will find our on-line donation mechanism useful. 
You’ll notice that our site now runs in a “secure mode” (only “https” instead of “http“).
Your credit/debit card and personal information such as mailing address, etc. MUST be provided to PayPal which handles the money part.   PayPal reports back to us with your donation amount and the address provided to PayPal.