The Foundation

The Rose Petroff Foundation of Texas (RPFTX) is a non-profit foundation, devoted to encouraging young pianists through piano competitions. The RPFTX has sponsored annual competitions for children in grades one-thru-twelve, since 1996. More than 500 prizes have been awarded during that time. In addition, a student from the Philippines was sponsored, in part, during his studies at the University of Texas-San Antonio (UTSA).

The foundation sponsors a college competition on the basis of “every other year”.  The next college competition will be held on Saturday, March 5th, 2022.  

The secondary goal of the foundation is to encourage the performance of the music of Dr. Peter A. Petroff.  The next  competition will be the 26th annual competition and it will be held on Saturday, March 5th, 2022 at the composer’s home in Fair Oaks Ranch (suburban San Antonio), Texas. The competition is for young people in grades one thru 12. Each student will be expected to play one of Dr. Petroff’s compositions plus a contrasting piece by another composer.

(Note: Two of Dr. Petroff’s pieces are required if the student selects a piece from the “More Than Slightly Weird” collection.)   Deadline for entries is February 24, 2022. Dr. Petroff’s music is available from Vivace Press (“The Runner and Other Piano Pieces“) and RBC Music (“More Than Slightly Weird” for beginning students; “In Recital“, “Sights and Sounds“, “Three Filipino Folk Songs“, all for intermediates; “Complete Studies Volume One and Two” for intermediates, and “Three Preludes“, “Primary Colors“, “Rhapsody No 2” and “Sonata No. 6” for more advanced students.

Additional music is available on the web-site known as and several “collections” are now available at Students may elect, with the permission of their teacher AND Dr. Petroff, to perform a movement from one of Dr. Petroff’s Sonatas, available at ““. That link will go directly to ScoreExchange to show a list of Dr. Petroff’s compositions, or alternately just go to the site, search under composers for “Petroff” (with double “f”)!