The next Petroff Piano Competition for school-age pianists
is planned for March 6th, 2021 at Dr. Petroff’s home in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas.
Click here for entry details.

Competition for college students is delayed until March of 2022, with deadline for entry by Dec. 1st, 2021.

For teachers, parents, or students:  ANYONE is FREE to contact Dr. Petroff by email using our site’s “Contact Us” page.

The foundation sponsors the annual Petroff Piano Competition!

Welcome to the “home” of The Rose Petroff Foundation of Texas, an educational non-profit established to encourage and spotlight aspiring classical pianists. You’ll discover samples of, and information about, the compositions of the foundation’s musical driving force, Dr. Peter A. Petroff.

There is information about the annual Petroff piano competitions, lists of the winners of past competitions, special, controlled areas for students, parents, teachers, and a comprehensive list of Dr. Petroff’s compositions and where you can purchase them. The list of compositions is linked using the French word oeuvre! In this case, it is a searchable list!

Teachers and parents are urged to review “Composer’s Notations” at the right edge of the top menu. Dr. Petroff’s mini-blog!

The winners of the 2020 Petroff Piano Competition have been posted!

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