For Teachers & Parents

Several teachers have asked where to get music for the upcoming competition:

There are two main sources at the present time. The first is at RBC music (JW Pepper – San Antonio web-site). You need to know which folio you want beforehand. You must order the folio you want either at the store or on line. There are more than fifteen folios available.

The second source is from There are currently seven volumes available. Each is about 120 pages and each costs $12.95.

  • Book 1 is intended for students in their first to third year. It includes four folios in order of difficulty: “More Than Slightly Weird,” “My Second Grade,” “The Street of Eternal Happiness” and “Sights and Sounds”.   Each folio has about ten pieces each of which are about 1-2 minutes long.
  • Book 2 contains twelve pieces appropriate for grade 4 to grade 6 students as well as the folios “Four Seasons,” “Primary Colors” and “Four Sketches.” Up to now, no one has used any of the pieces in “Four Seasons” in the competition but “Study in Yellow” from “Primary Colors” has been done well, as have the pieces in “Four Sketches.”
  • Book 3 contains ten compositions which are appropriate for grade 3 to grade 5 as well as the “Complete Miniatures” and the “Complete Nocturnes.”
  • Book 4 is intended for the more advanced student and includes “The Complete Etudes,” “The Gospel Etudes” and “The Complete Studies.”
  • Sampler is just that, a sample of many types of music. It is mainly for students in grade 4 and above, sometimes much above. It has three Rhapsodies, including the College Competition Piece, three Nocturnes, three Scherzos,”Infusion“,Andantino“, and “March of the Sharpened Pencils with Erasers“.
  • For very advanced students, who are likely college bound, there is “The Complete Rhapsodies.” The folio includes all eleven rhapsodies. The number 11 was the 2020 college competition piece. It has been recorded by Dr. SungEun Park and is available at iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon.
  • For extremely advanced students there is “Selected Sonatas.” Any movement from Sonata No. 17 would be appropriate. I also love the adagio from Sonata No. 5. But these are very difficult pieces.
  • Recently, two folios containing works for intermediate level pianists have been added.  They are:
    Poems” and “Night Vigil“.   (The complete “Night Vigil” CD is available on Spotify.  Click here!)

If there are any questions about the folios please e-mail me at or send me a text: 210-710-3670.