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Is the foundation registered as a charity with the IRS?2017-09-10T04:34:06-05:00

YES, absolutely!

To see for yourself, please go to the IRS Exempt Organizations “Search” page (as linked to the left), then:

  1. Select the “check circle” labeled:   Are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions
  2. A form will appear below where you should enter:
    EIN:   74-2790542
    Name:   Rose Petroff Foundation
    City:   Fair Oaks Ranch
    State:   TX
    Country:   United States
    Deductibilty Status:   All

You will see the foundation is known to the IRS as a “public charity”.

THANKS for asking!

Where can I purchase Dr. Petroff’s composition titled: __________2015-03-28T04:06:32-05:00

A substantial number of Dr. Petroff’s compositions are available from RBC Publishing in San Antonio, Texas or through the on-line store “ScoreExchange”. In the very near future there will be an on-line store HERE for registered members of this site. The “oeuvre” may be the best starting place to determine your best source for Dr. Petroff’s music! Our goal is to have and maintain a comprehensive list of everything Dr. Petroff has published! There is quite a lot, to say the least!

Please recommend a TEACHER in my area.2015-03-28T04:05:06-05:00

Wow…we understand why this question comes up, but because everyone is different, because we are all quite dispersed geographically, AND we have known many of the teachers for a long time, it would just not be “right” to try and suggest a teacher. We have links to teachers (and groups of teachers) we are familiar with or who have asked to have their information posted here on RPFTX.org, but YOU will need to contact teachers in your area and make your own decision(s). Chances are when you get acquainted with one or two, the answer “which one is best for you” will be easy! And we won’t have to worry about sending you to a teacher, only to learn later that it didn’t work well for you!

How can I contact Dr. Petroff directly?2017-08-25T08:31:27-05:00

Dr. Petroff has a very busy life, even though he is “officially” retired from his medical practice. That means the best way is to send an email or ask your parents or teacher to forward your question. The “Contact Us” on the top navigation bar is the best way available.


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